I suppose this should start with a why

I’ve spent 12 years knowing I should blog again.

There have been incarnations. I blogged indirectly on other sites and using social media. But I never had a “niche.” I knew enough about digital media to know that was a thing I should have.

Also, I never thought anybody would care what I have to say.

For some masochistic reason I find it healing and edifying process externally. I post stories on the internet because it helps me remember them and because it helps me see the humor in the circus that I run.

Anyway. Half-Assed Homesteader hit me this morning as I was taking pictures of my daughter in a new dress I made. Last week I taught myself to sew and started making dresses for my girls, because… well, that’s a whole thing in and of itself. Anyway, I consigned like two dozen dresses last month and then was like, wait I can make these. And, well. Now we have double wardrobe.

The dress I made yesterday in hyperfocus mode, at the expense of everything else I needed to accomplish.

I desperately want to be a crunchy mom who has chickens and bakes all her own breads and makes all her own clothes and grows insane gardens. In reality, I live a suburban life where I’m not allowed to have chickens and I’m entirely too busy to do everything from scratch all the time.

I try, though.

I went into sewing knowing that I’ll never be a master seamstress. I guess it doesn’t matter if I’m the best. It feels cool to make stuff.

I came home today and asked my husband buy me a new domain for a new site. Bear in mind, we have at least 20 domains we renew annually. A lot of them are projects I started and abandoned. But alas, I needed Half-Assed Homesteader on the list.

Him: “So this is what we’re doing tonight?”

Me: “Yes. Buy it.”

Him: “With the cuss word?”

Me: “Look. It is not as funny without it.” Apologies if this is offensive. Mostly, I thought it was funny.

So anyway. That’s why I’m here. To share my journey as a wannabe crunchy mom with all the ADHD hyperfixations, failures, moderate successes, and chaos.

I hope you find it funny and empowering and relatable.






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